2015 Medicine Prize

Elisabet Lidbrink

Jury motivation: ”Dr Elisabet Lidbrink is awarded the Mogren Medicine Prize for her strong commitment to women suffering from breast cancer and for the support she lends to younger colleagues in her empathetic manners. She is a guiding star in Swedish cancer treatment.”

Photographer: Stefan Zimmerman

About Elisabet Lidbrink

Dr Elisabet Lidbrink is chief physician in oncology at Karolinska University Hospital. She has over 30 years of professional experience as an oncologist. She has been a staunch advocate for breast cancer patients to receive the best possible treatment and for all patients to be met with dignity and empathy.

She epitomises the importance of the patient for beneficial treatment. Dr Lidbrink often deals with the most difficult cases, those who receive word that their treatment has failed and that the cancer has spread. In the midst of worry and grief, Dr Lidbrink manages to convey hope for her patients. She always fights for them to receive the highest standard of treatment and for them to live as healthy a life as possible in their end-stage when all other resources have been exhausted.

“Dr Lidbrink has a fierce patient focus. She is incredibly supportive of younger colleagues in the clinic and is a guiding star in Swedish oncology,” Håkan Mogren commented on the choice of awardee.