2017 Medicine Prize

Folke Hammarqvist

Jury motivation: “Dr Folke Hammarqvist has great professional skills and an empathetic approach. He is honoured for the sensitivity and teaching skills he shows to his colleagues, his ability to create a real team spirit, and his warm support and care for patients and relatives.”

Photographer: Mia Orling

About Folke Hammarqvist

Dr Folke Hammarqvist is Associate Professor in Surgery at Karolinska Institutet and Consultant at Karolinska University Hospital. He is honoured for his professional skills, his empathetic approach, and his ability to strengthen teams. He believes that emergency surgery and traumatology are team efforts where safety is increased when patients, families, and the entire medical team are involved in the care.

He is a role model in education, with great dedication and teaching skills. Over the years, more than 2,000 junior doctors have attended his courses, mainly in surgery, perioperative care, nutrition, and team training.