2018 Medicine Prize

Anders Castor

Jury motivation: “Dr Anders Castor is honoured for his work to improve the care of children with cancer, for his great commitment to ethical issues in health care, and for his great efforts in education.”

Photographer: Eric Cronberg

About Anders Castor

Dr Anders Castor is a paediatric oncologist and clinical ethicist at Skåne University Hospital in Malmö. His expertise in ethics is highly valued not only in medical care, but also in education and in public outreach. He has long been interested in issues relating to medical ethics and palliative care, especially in children’s medicine and surgery.

An example of questions Dr Castor has been involved in are: The timing of decisions to discontinue the painful treatment of a terminally ill child, and how, in such cases, should rational and empathetic conversations take place within the care team and with relatives? Anders Castor was instrumental in establishing an ethics committee at the paediatric department at Skåne University Hospital.

Through his knowledge and dedication, Castor has also contributed to improving the care of children with cancer in developing countries – always with the patient and family in the centre.